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Jay Servidio, the leading expert in the adult design industry since 1994 gives seminars to teach classes all about the industry and how to make money. Click on this video to watch teach a seminar.



My name is Jay Servidio, Pres of Teleteria, and I want to thank you personally for reading our site. I worked for AT&T MCI and Sprint for 11 years before starting Teleteria in September of 1994. Teleteria has one primary goal, to provide the best custom adult turn key package possible. In the nearly 10 years after we began we reached our goal everyday. All of us here at Teleteria want to help those of you who have the goals and aspirations of financial security find it in the adult internet industry like so many people before you.

The custom turn key package we offer you has everything in it that you will need to begin and prosper in the work from home environment. We have, over the years, augmented the package with key elements and additions to give you the best the industry has to offer. We have built relationships with companies that are the bedrock of the industry. Businesses whom we trust and take care of us and our customers like a family.

I invite you to begin your new endeavor with Teleteria. We have the track record and experience to help you to make the money you want and deserve. Life is short. Let's all enjoy the time we have been granted. Let Teleteria be your guide in the number one rated home business enterprise ever.

Teleteria has helped thousands of people get started and since 1994.
Click on this video to watch some of Teleteria's clients share their experiences.


Step by Step

1. Have Teleteria build you a beautiful custom adult turn key site with all the affiliates and revenue streams.
2. Connect your site with the billing company in your name so you get paid every 2 weeks direct from the billing company to your checking account.
3. Have Teleteria teach you exactly how to market your site in the most fruitful time tested manner by spending a combination of time and money. Every day, week, and month as your site gets more and more traffic you will see your revenue continue to go up and up.
4. Build more sites and have them linked together sending traffic back and forth to maximize profits.
5. Provide a better life for yourself and loved ones.


Benefits of Owning Your Own Adult Site

1. Pride in owning your own business.
2. Gratification of personal success.
3. The ability to create your own schedule, so you can have time for what is really important to you.
4. The satisfaction in advising and helping others.
5. The ability to work with family and friends.
6. Ability to control your financial future.
7. Option to travel to exotic and tropical locations to develop yourself and your business.
8. Tax benefits available to the self-employed.

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